Mission Statement

The mission of RotaCare is to facilitate free health care for the relief of pain and suffering to those who have the most need and the least access to medical care.

RotaCare Board of Directors (Officers)

Gary Jendras

Vice President
Mary Beth Welsh

Maureen Clancy

Gary Fishberg, Esq

Immediate Past President
Mary Beth Welsh

Board of Directors

Eric Bitteto
James Brady
Margery Clayton, R.N.
Tom Gelsdorf
Gloria Grafer, R.N., MA
Kathleen Lamaute
Patrick McCormack
John Paul
Blanche L. Puglisi, R.N.
Robert Schoelle
Helmut Schuler
Jane Schwartz
Ronald Steimel
Roman Urbanczyk, M.D.       

Honorary Board of Directors

Alfred Devendorf, Esq.
Hon. Kemp Hannon

Emeritus Board 
Carmen Armstrong
Eileen Gentilcore
Sr. Terry Graf
Sr. Anne Reekie
Sheldon Thaler
Edward Webb

Department Directors

Medical Director
Roman Urbanczyk, M.D.

Clinical Director
Patricia McTigue, ANP

Office Manager
Margery Clayton, R.N.

Medication Director
Gloria Grafer, R.N., MA

Pharmaceutical Program for
Indigent Patients

Patricia Giordano, R.N.

Social Worker Director
Josefina Aquino, MSW

Grant Director
Blanche Puglisi, R.N.

Reception Coordinator
James Dennon

Volunteer Director
Peggy O'Donoghue



RotaCare relies on the generous support of individuals, companies, and foundations.