Caring, Compassionate and Committed to RotaCare

People volunteer with RotaCare for many reasons. Consider volunteering your time with RotaCare if you are interested in:

  • Helping people get the health care they need to live healthy lives
  • Giving back to your community in a meaningful way
  • Connecting with others and enjoying the spirit of camaraderie

RotaCare is truly a collaborative endeavor where each and every volunteer plays a vital role, whether they are answering the phones, escorting patients, treating a patient or filling a prescription.  The success of RotaCare is dependent upon the contribution of every volunteer.  

Our volunteers find that they are in turn rewarded for their efforts.  This is what our volunteers had to say…

“The clients here at RotaCare have enriched my life. After working as a nurse for over forty years, I find this job to be the most fulfilling.”

“There is a wonderful sense of camaraderie among the volunteers and the patients are so appreciative of our efforts on their behalf.”

“Knowing that I’ve helped a patient get the medications they so desperately need is truly rewarding.”

“I wanted to be part of such a worthwhile endeavor… I really love being with the patients – such nice people – and knowing that I’m doing something positive for them!  I also enjoy being with all the great people who volunteer.”

"The people I work with are amazing – so caring and fun to work with.”

For a handful of volunteers, their work for RotaCare extends well beyond the 10 hours that the health center is open each week.  These volunteers devote considerable time outside of health center each week to patient care, facility management, bookkeeping, pharmacy maintenance, fundraising and other tasks.

One of our volunteers explained her devotion to RotaCare saying “without RotaCare, our patients have no one to care for them.  For many of them, we are the last stop on the train."

Reflecting further she added “why am I here?  …. I’m here to serve.”

“Always be mindful of the needs of others.”Dr Grant Harrison


RotaCare relies on the generous support of individuals, companies, and foundations.